Get an authoritative report that scores an individual or a couple on their readiness for separation or divorce.

We are Outcome Ready Software.

Outcome Ready Software uses proprietary online self-assessment tools, called Indicators, and comprehensive reporting to provide divorce professionals with a 360° view of a client’s preparedness to embark on the divorce process. Outcome Ready Software educates clients about life’s important transitions. Equipped with this information, professionals and clients can work together successfully as partners.

The Separation and Divorce Readiness Indicator (SDRI)

The SDRI gives divorce professionals a clear and organized understanding of a client’s readiness to negotiate and move through the separation and divorce process.

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Designed for Professionals.

Lawyers tell us how many of their clients come in with unrealistic expectations. They want a specific amount of money or property, or a certain arrangement with the children, even though those might not be possible under the law. Or they want to discuss emotional obstacles or parenting concerns that aren’t legal matters. The SDRI screens for all of that so you can immediately bring other professionals on board to support the client. You can focus solely on the legal aspects of the case, while the client gets all the help they need. The complexity score adds huge value, giving lawyers a complete picture of the couple, rather than just the one side you usually get.

With SDRI, you can work with your client to formulate a treatment plan to achieve their goal. You can also easily collaborate with the other professionals on “Team Divorce,” by providing vital information about the client’s mental and emotional state and their readiness to move forward.

People are attracted to mediation because it will save money and be more amicable, but their case may be too complicated or emotionally charged to be suitable. The SDRI complexity report – comparing the readiness of both partners – helps you understand the dynamics of the couple and the family, and also screens for intimate partner violence and power imbalance.

The SDRI report provides key information about property and finances, but also other details that affect the couple’s ability to negotiate: family dynamics and relationship history, levels of trust and goodwill, each person’s perceptions, and their emotional readiness. These may not be topics financial professionals are used to discussing or would know how to raise, but are essential for a successful negotiation.

How it works.

1. The Indicator assess users in 26 different categories

2. A report is generated which outlines scores in each category and an explanation of each score with suggested resources.

3. When both spouses use the tool, they receive a Complexity Score that compares both parties’ perspectives and states of mind.

4. The report gives the divorce professional a comprehensive understanding of their client’s preparedness to move through the separation process.

5. The information allows clients to form realistic expectations, encouraging a peaceful and efficient process.

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Why it works.

The SDRI is accessible and flexible. Users can access The SDRI from any web-connected device. Once an account is created, users can take as much time as they need to enter their answers and even save their work and return later.

The software is intuitive and saves time by only showing relevant questions. For example, if the users indicates that they have no children, they won’t be prompted with any parenting-related questions.

Clients report that just answering the questions heightened their awareness.

“Our practice group, Collaborative Practice Simcoe County, has invested in a block of SDRI codes so that we can use it on every new Streamlined Flat Fee Collaborative case in our county. We believe the SDRI will give all of the professionals valuable information about the readiness of the clients to proceed with the process and information about how we can best help the clients through the process. It also provides information and tools for the client so that they can improve their readiness. We believe it will be an excellent tool and anticipate it becoming the norm in every case whether Collaborative or not.”

– Brian Galbrait, President of Collaborative Practice Simcoe County

“I didn’t realize how unprepared I was when I actually spoke to the lawyer and went to court. This tool is very comprehensive and I am learning even more information just by reading my results.”

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